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7 Instagram’s Facts That Might You don’t Know

7 Instagram's Facts That Might You don't Know - Instagram is one of the famous social media across the globe, refers to wikipedia, Instagram is a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based photo-sharing application...
Featured Image website yang paling sering dikunjungi

The Top 7 of The Most Visited Website in the World The Top 7 of The Most Visited Website in the World - Refers to, A website, or simply a site, is a collection...
Lebih kaya dibanding pendiri google Fakta mark zurkerberg

7 Mark Zuckerberg’s Facts That Can Make You Surprised

7 Mark Zuckerberg's Facts That Can Make You Surprised - Mark Zuckerberg is founder of the social networking Facebook, everyone should know the number one...
Steve Jobs's Facts

7 Steve Jobs’s Facts That Maybe You don’t Know

You got my respect. 7 Steve Jobs's Facts That Maybe You don't Know - It is very difficult to forget about Steve Jobs's figures, who...
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7 Youtube’s Secret Tricks That Maybe You Guys Don’t Know

7 Youtube's Secret Tricks That Maybe You Guys Don't Know - Today, NginY wanted to share about youtube’s secret tricks that makes it easy...
7 Fakta Google Yang Mungkin kalian Tidak Ketahui

7 Google’s Secret Tricks Make you guys want to prove it

Seriously, Google?? Is that really important feature!? Google’s Secret Tricks That Make You Guys Want To Prove It - The previous episode Engine-Y discusses google's...
Cara Meningkatkan Followers Instagram Dengan Bot Pada Google Chrome - Featured Image

3 Steps Increase Instagram Followers With Bot In Google Chrome

3 Steps increase Instagram Followers With Bot In Google Chrome - This article is suitable for those of you who want to know how...
Kelebihan disqus comment system - Featured Images

5 Advantages of Installing Disqus Comment System on Website

In the previous article, NginY has discussed about 5 disadvantages of installing “Disqus Comment System” on website. However, Disqus is not completely bad. There...
2 Langkah Cara Memasang Embed Video Youtube Responsive - featured image

2 Steps How to Attach Responsive Youtube Embed Video

This tutorial is suit for you who want to attach responsive youtube embed video without plugin. Then server does not overloaded by plugin which...

3 Steps How to Migrate from to

This article is good for you who want to migrate from to For you who imagine that migrate from to
migrasi hosting wordpress

How To Migrate WordPress Hosting Using A Duplicator

In a previous article about how to Install Offline WordPress using XAMPP, not explained what if we already have wordpress already live and want...